Many of us snap away with our photos. We share and save but what then? Do your photos go on a hard drive, cloud, or disc only to be seen when you feel like looking them up on the computer or your phone? There was once a time when people would print their photos and put them in an album that they could put on a shelf or coffee table. Family would visit and flip through them. When I was younger one of my favorite things to do was look through the boxes and boxes of family photos at my Grandma's house. SO why have I had such a tough time with the printing photo thing???

When I had my first child I printed a bunch of his photos I would organize them into albums by how many months or years old he was. I even went as far as to design an album for each year that had various photos we took throughout the year. It was cute but then came baby #2. I pretty much gave up and I'm sad I didn't keep up with it. I still have them stored on my hard drive. I love the albums I have and when their not in a box(in storage at the moment) I enjoy looking through them and so do my boys.  I'm here to make a promise to print my photos! I have this cute custom wooden box I bought from Wood & Grain Designs.  I can store my photos in up to a 5x7!!! 

So whether you want to store your photos in a cute custom wooden box or a large album, who is going to make the promise to print their photos with me?! Thanks for stopping by and I hope I've helped inspire you to print out your memories.  xoxo 

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